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Avail. from 8/9/2024
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1. Partner Digimon of the main characters from the movies as ACE Digimon! Many of the enemy Digimon are also included!

Inclusion of famous Tamers & Digimon, who were the main characters in each movie!
Digimon that have fought heated battles blast evolve into their final forms. Lv.7 Digimon such as Omnimon and ShineGreymon: Burst Mode gain the power of ACE and take over the meta as a new deck!
This time we also included Armageddemon and Eosmon that stood in the way of the main characters in the movie.
In addition, popular characters from the movie such as Rhythm and Menoa Bellucci also appear.
The main character deck vs. the enemy deck allows for battles that recreate scenes from the movies!

2. Introduction of a special win condition card!

Digimon card game now has a special win condition card! You can win the game by filling up the field with
Diaboromon . Recreate the desperate scene from the movie "Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!"

3. Cards wanted by those using “Digimon Seekers” decks!

Numerous Digimon & Tamers that appear in the series “Digimon Seekers” are included so those using this type of deck will want these cards. In addition to the enhancement of Fenriloogamon , which has proven itself in major tournaments, Chaosdramon , which enhances BT15 cards, and Kazuchimon , which enhances BT16 cards, greatly strengthens the "Digimon Seekers" decks that have been introduced in the past!

4. Includes 3 box toppers! 1 featuring scenes from the movies!

In addition to the regular box topper and update pack, BT17 offers a unique bonus tailored to the English version. This topper showcases carefully selected iconic scenes from the movies, making them a must have for collectors and players alike!

BT17 Rarities

Common: 40
Uncommon: 26
Rare: 22
Super Rare: 12
Secret Rare: 2
SP Card: 4
106 card types
*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.


1 Booster Pack = 12 cards
1 Display Box = 24 packs
1 Case = 12 Display Boxes