*Card back design differs from original version.
*The cards included in this product and cards sold in the past do not have the same design or specifications.
*All cards in original Japanese language. An English language version of this product is not planned.

The pre-order period for this item may end suddenly (despite any previously announced pre-order end date) if the maximum order limit is reached. In this case, pre-order cancelations will no longer be available for this item from that time onward as well.

In celebration of the ""Shin Megami Tensei Series"" 30th anniversary, the ""Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card Game"" descends upon Premium Bandai!
This collection is centered around the ""Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card Game drei Monument of Goddess"", originally released in the early 2000s, and features 94 redesigned cards from the original release.

In addition, 9 cards previously released without foiling have been specially reprinted in newly designed holographic versions, for a total of 103 redesigned cards.

Even more, this collection includes 22 newly designed cards featuring illustrations and characters from Shin Megami Tensei V.

Finally, this product comes in a special storage box with an originally designed card poster and 9-pocket binder with 14 sleeve pages for convenient storage.

[Set Contents]
・Cards (x125 total)
 -Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card Game: x103 cards (including x9 new holographic cards)
 -Shin Megami Tensei V: x22 cards
・9-pocket Binder x1 (incl. x14 binder sleeves)
・Poster x1
・Storage Box x1
SIZE  :  [Product Size]
・Cards: Approx. 63x88 mm
・9-Pocker Binder: 315x260x43 mm
・Poster: 630x297 mm
・Storage Box: 330x270x68 mm