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€ 230.00


Thank you very much for your patience.

Thanks to our players, we can release the special product, Gate Ruler English Ver. Vol.6 complete set!

All cards from the 6th edition of Japanese version, plus each card which not released in overseas version. 1 set contains 215 cards!

This time, to ensure delivery to everyone, we are producing a complete set of two cards of each type.

Also, one of the two high rarity cards (★★★ or higher) is Foil processed.

We hope you enjoy playing this product.

Ruler             2
★★★★Ⓢ     10
★★★★        31
★★★          14
★★             21
★                29
★★★★★       1
PR                1

109 types in total
Of these, 106 types of cards, excluding rulers and PR cards, contain 2 cards per type.
Among the 106 types of cards, one out of two cards with a rarity of ★★★ or higher is a foil card. This product is complete set.
 ※not regular booster product.

1 set contains 215 cards(include 1 PR card)